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Our mission

The association was founded in 1992 by 14 municipalities in Stockholm region and has since then grown year by year. It has a board, an expertise group and the members contact persons.

East Sweden Air Quality Management Association measures, calculates, analyses and reports air quality data. Its main purpose is to be a cost efficient alternative for its members to keep track of air pollution, communicate benefits of working to prevent health consequences caused by pollution and to be a knowledgebase to support members as well as civilian inhabitants. There are 3,2 milion people living in the area covered by the association and its largest city is Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Living in Stockholm municipality is just under one million people. All together the association covers four counties.


The members are mostly municipalities. The benefit of membership is that the organisation does the major part of the members statutory measurement of air quality by having a common agreement and administration. Other members of the association include the Swedish Transport Administration,  Korsnäs working in packaging suppliement, Karolinska Institutets centre of medical academic research and Department of  Environmental Science and Analytical Chemestry, Stockholms university (ACES)


The procured operator (English translation available at bottom of their webpage) assist
all the municipalities and are also a great asset being a knowledge base.
On SLB-analys webpage you can follow hourly updates on pollution concentrations and download
reports to mention some of the services.


Why an association for air quality
measurement management?

The municipalities are in many cases small and the legislation demands high competence. Some members struggled with finding the necessary competence needed to live up to the demands of the legislation. Keeping with in-house competence , keeping up with new legislation, new science and new measurement instruments becomes more cost efficient when you are in an association such as East Sweden Air Quality Management Association.

The association is responsible for the procurement of operator and administration the associations office, arranging board meetings and so on. SLB-analys support all members in understanding how to manage the input of data in emission database, interpretation measurement results and other sorts of challenges a municipality civil servant may come upon in their air quality work. The organisation produce a yearly report with data from measurement results every year and are available for training lessons related to handling the emission database.

The members also have the benefit of procuring services from SLB-analys at 30% lower price than non-members. That could be reporting on consequence analysis for new highway or other exploitations. Evaluations of measures such as silent asphalt or modelling air quality in complex geometrical urban areas or wind analysis for comfortable measurements in building projects.